Aboriginal Corporation 

Palmerston NT 

ICN: 9719.

ABN: 20991845957   ACNC Registered  

GAPAC proudly supports the Grassroots Youth Engagement program .

Grassroots Youth Engagement 

This program seeks to address a young persons’ needs holistically – by engaging them in meaningful employment to build skills, knowledge and confidence, by engaging them in activities to build on and maintain their connection to their culture, Country and identity and through engagement with positive, pro-social meaningful mentoring relationships.  The goal, will be a group of young people who are strong and grounded in their cultural identity, confident about making good decisions for themselves and their community, and who are engaged in meaningful employment as a key pathway out of disadvantage & will become strong leaders & role models for their community.


Finding meaningful employment opportunities & support for Youth and local business. 


Engagement in learning to strengthen connection to culture and cultural identity. 

Social Health & wellbeing 

Social engagement and well being opportunities, also a strong focus on improving and understanding mental health issues. 

The goal of this Aboriginal Corporation 

 Providing real opportunities for generational change.

Our People.....

Serena Dalton 


Kat Lee 

General Manager 

Jody Mummery 

Operations Manager 

Kathy Bannister 

GAP Board 


Leticha Russell

GAP Board 


Judy Brown 

GAP Board 


Karyn Moyle 

GAP Board 

Trent Lee 

GAP Board 



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